Toy Exhibit

Toy Story: Playing Around Coquitlam

Through a close examation of toys we can begin to understand the morals values and roles being passed onto children at any point in history. In the early days of Coquitlam children were taught about hard work and they had to create their own fun. Join us as we explore the toy collection of Coquitlam Heritage at City Centre Library.

These toys represent scientific discoveries, historial events, romantic fascinations, and cultural whims present in the world throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. From the handmade to plastic, these toys stimulate our imaginations, engage our skills, mimic adult roles, engage creativity and provide children with opportunities to experiment with and discover the world around them. They are our history; these toys emcompass the amusing, the humourous, the entertaining, the delightful, sometimes offensive but always educational.