Learning From Our Community

The Coquitlam Heritage Society was honoured to have had the opportunity to host the Coquitlam Heritage Symposium, which brought together heritage supporters in Coquitlam to learn, discuss, and develop ways to enrich our communities through the sharing of heritage and culture.

The aim of the Coquitlam Heritage Symposium was to collaborate with heritage experts and cultural groups in Coquitlam to develop community enrichment strategies.

Workshop leaders included Tim Willis, Candace Matelic, Theresa Mackay, and Emily Lonie. Our presenters discussed the opportunities available to heritage groups in the province.

We would like to thank each and every attendee for their support and feedback.

The workshops and discussions we hosted unveiled a wealth of themes and suggestions regarding heritage in Coquitlam.

Overwhelming input from community members who attended the Symposium suggests that a dedicated heritage space that is accessible, inclusive, and interactive is in urgent need. Our attendees strongly believe that a dedicated heritage space will provide a sense of identity,  pride, and unity to Coquitlam’s residents.

As part of the next collaborative steps in working with the city to envision and develop a heritage space for the Coquitlam, CHS will invite Mayor and Council to an explorative tour of model heritage spaces within the region.

Please check back soon for our detailed report of findings and video coverage of the Symposium.