Mackin House is an Edwardian home built in 1909, and is staged with period appropriate furniture and artifacts. We do ask visitors to respectfully refrain from handling the artifacts on display. However, there are several clearly marked items throughout the house which may be picked up and handled.  As well, teachers/organizers are responsible for the conduct of minors; supervision is required at all times.

An experienced tour guide will lead your tour ensuring your visit is as memorable as possible. As well, we make every effort to accommodate your needs, please inquire on the ways to custom tailor your visit.

Tour groups of all ages, English language levels, abilities and from all schools and organizations are welcome to book a tour at Mackin House. We also have French programming available. We do appreciate a minimum of two week's notice for all bookings. Preference is one class per visit. Inquire for details. Flat rate fees may apply when classes are less than 15 persons.  

We have multiple options available to accommodate for any budget.

Mackin House educational programs meet curriculum requirements across all grades, and fulfill many of BC's PLOs for History and Social Studies.

Please note that an allergy waiver is required for any workshops in which there is a risk of contact with allergens.  To send a booking request please use the orange “Request A Booking” button at the bottom of this page.

After the tour is booked, the organizer will receive a confirmation, including all necessary information. The organizer will confirm the number of students one week before the tour and will be invoiced accordingly. Tours are payable in cash or cheques written to the Coquitlam Heritage Society.  

We can accommodate up to 30 persons per classroom visit.