Call for Entry


Civilian Impressions: Remnants of Conflict

From the rubble of a destroyed home to the anxiety of being the ones left behind, revolutions, civil wars, and violent conflicts fill the world’s history books and are happening today. Many artworks share the brutalities of front-line battle and suffering but conflict is also experienced by family members, friends and colleagues on home soil. The casualties of conflict are not just on the battlefield, they are in homes, towns and refugee camps. These stories are remembered, passed down through generations and speak to the resilience of the human spirit. For this exhibit artists are asked to create a work of art inspired by those on the home front of conflict. It can be based on a family saga, a personal reflection or pulled from a news headline. Have you fled your homeland due to unrest? How did you deal with food rationing, bomb threats, or completing the day-to-day tasks that we take for granted during times of peace?

In conjunction with Mackin House’s new exhibit Home Front: WWII the theme of Civilian Impressions is the experience of war through the eyes of those not engaged in the battle. It will feature pieces that speak about every day lives of people experiencing the consequences of conflict around the world. Experiences from any era or part of the world are accepted and encouraged.

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