Who We Are

Incorporated in 1984, the Coquitlam Heritage Society is a local non-profit that operates Mackin House Museum. Located in the community of Maillardville in Coquitlam, the museum is a registered protected heritage site that is open to members of the public for free.

Mackin House is a mirror into life in Coquitlam from 1909 to 1914, allowing visitors to take a journey back in time and explore local history. Throughout the year, Mackin House hosts a number of events and festivities. Each of these events offers members of the community a chance to come together, learn about the City’s past and build lasting ties to its future. As well, the society initiates projects to collect and preserve local artifacts and knowledge.

Our Guests

Ever since Mackin House first opened its doors back in 1999, the museum has truly become a valuable heritage asset to the city of Coquitlam.

Mackin House by the numbers (annually):

  • 5000+ visitors
  • 50 school or organization tours
  • 5 major community events
  • 12 programs such as workshops and teas
  • 80 society members
  • 35 dedicated volunteers
  • 3 newsletters

Every year, we welcome numerous families, seniors, teenagers, travelers from abroad, and various community and school groups.

Sponsorship Opportunities

While a municipal grant covers the museum’s basic operational costs, nearly 100% of the funds required to run programs at Mackin House come from generous donors and sponsors.

With over 17 events every year, there are many opportunities for local businesses and individuals to sponsor either through cash or product donations. Here are just a few examples of how donors make our events possible:

Heritage Halloween

Over 80 pumpkins were purchased for carving. The pumpkin supplier offered a discount and two additional sponsors covered the remaining costs.

Mackin’s Birthday Open House

Apples used for the baking were supplied for free. A coffee supplier delivered brewed coffee and cream free of charge. A local grocer donated 104 cupcakes for our 104th birthday.

Movie Screening

Six flower arrangements were supplied for free to decorate the post-screening reception area. Sparkling white wine was donated by a local liquor establishment.

Oral History Program Finale

A generous cash donation funded the preparation of video footage plus the desserts and beverages for the reception.


We customize each sponsorship opportunity to your business or organization’s level of support. In general, however, most sponsors receive signage at the event or program, a thank you on our sponsor’s page in our thrice-yearly newsletter, and mention on our website and Facebook page.

Under certain circumstances, our sponsors may be mentioned in the Coquitlam City Program Guide, or in the local newspaper when we advertise our events.

We have sponsorships available at every price point. Let us know what you’re comfortable with and we can build a sponsor package for you.

Other Ways to Sponsor

In addition to our busy event schedule, the museum offers many other programs and items that can be sponsored.

Monetary and/or product donations are always welcome to help support programs such as:

  • Educational Programs
  • Our magic lantern shows
  • The tourism centre
  • Volunteer appreciation gifts
  • Raffle prizes for our guests during events throughout the year- a great way to offer products or gifts certificates to promote your business

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of event signage can I expect?

In general, we provide an 8.5” x 11” full colour, stand up sign. We place it in the house wherever your sponsorship money or product is being used.

Can I provide my own signage?

As we’re a heritage house, we feel it’s important to keep the signage as uniform and in-context with the event as possible. Therefore, we provide all the signage for each event.

Can I have a display table?

We are unable to offer space for a display table. Mackin House is quite limited in area and our events often sell out. We would, unfortunately, need to limit the guest count even more to supply sponsors with a space for display. We will allow you to leave business cards or brochures for us to hand-out to guests who ask about your products or company.

Can I supply goodies or a giveaway?

We are open to discussing goodies or a giveaway. Please keep in mind that we are careful to keep the events heritage in nature. Modern items such as pens, etc., would not be appropriate. We can work with you to devise appropriate labeling that is in keeping with the feel of Mackin House and our events.

Can I attend the event?

Yes, please do attend the event as either a guest or a volunteer. We’re happy to have you here! Please do not, however, solicit during the event. We want Mackin House events to feel like a relaxed place for the community to come together and don’t want anyone to feel that they are being sold to. We are more than happy, however, for you to wear your company name-tag or tee-shirt/golf shirt while volunteering.

Our Sponsors