Rising Hemlines: An Exploration of 1920's Fashion with Ivan Sayers @ Mackin House

October 17 2017 to March 3 2018

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The early part of the 20th century was a period of contradiction, rapid technological change and the beginnings of female emancipation. As businesses recovered from the war and people began to accumulate more wealth, the 1920s became a decade of opulence. What caused waistlines to drop and hemlines to rise?

Featuring items from the collections of Ivan Sayers, Claus Jahnke and Coquitlam Heritage, you are invited to Mackin house to explore and celebrate roaring 1920s fashion! Join us for fun and informative guided tours. Explore how the social, political, and cultural changes throughout the decade influenced the hemlines of the 1920s. Admission by donation.

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Remembering the Great War

November 3 to December 4, 2017 @Coquitlam City Centre Library

Between 1914 and 1918 Canada sent 625,000 men to war, a considerable contribution for a country with a total population of about 8 million. Men who enlisted did so out of pride for their country and commonwealth. They often viewed the conflict in terms of black and white or good vs. evil. Although there was an increased demand for soldiers, visible minorities were initially discouraged from joining the military. Despite this, thousands of First Nations, Metis, Africans, Sikh, Chinese and Japanese men joined and served. One in ten men did not return from this war. Join Coquitlam Heritage at City Centre Library in November 2017 as we remember the First World War.

We would like to thank Dean Fraser, Mark Ivins, Cary Price and Fred Hazell for loaning us items to display in this exhibit. We are so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these gentleman from the Canadian Military Education Centre!  For more information on military history, events and programming please visit their website.


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City of Coquitlam Archives, Photo C6.58 Fred Frost 1918

City of Coquitlam Archives, Photo C6.58 Fred Frost 1918

My Coquitlam. My City.

@Coquitlam City Centre Library, opens October 11

What does Coquitlam mean to you?

Coquitlam Heritage is proud to present My Coquitlam, a project highlighting members of our community and what they are doing to shape the future of Coquitlam.  Heritage not only celebrates our past accomplishments but also rejoices in the values, achievements and experiences of the people all around us today. In order to preserve, honor and promote the stories of our diverse modern heritage, we embarked on a set of Oral histories to capture a snapshot of the people living within the city in 2017. Visit our display at Coquitlam Public Library’s City Centre Branch to read these stories and meet some of your unique neighbours!

If you are interested in sharing your story please contact Jasmine Moore, Heritage Manager

jmoore@coquitlamheritage.ca 604.516.6151

Keep your eye out for more Coquitlam Heritage exhibits throughout the community in 2017/2018!


“For as long as we choose to keep the heritage of the city and stick to the preservation of its history, culture, environment, peace and harmony of the residents, I believe Coquitlam will remain the most wonderful place it is for generations to come.”

~Virgilio M. Basa, Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable Committee Volunteer